Frequently Asked Questions

Only individuals who are Nigerians, registered to vote and from 18 years and over are eligible to vote.

If you are registered to vote, please visit the nearest Local Government Area Office to request for your PVC or Go to www.inecnigeria.org to start the journey to getting your PVC. You are a step closer to exercising your right.

No. You can only vote with your Permanent Voters Card (PVC).

Your voters card also serves as a general identity, address, and proof of age.

Yes, INEC can replace your voter’s card.

You are expected to cast your vote at the polling unit where your name is registered on the voter register.

Yes, you can only vote where you are registered, which is your polling unit.

Yes, every single vote counts. We will insist on transparency – play your part by voting and waiting to count the votes.

No. The PVC has no expiry date, it is a permanent voters’ card.

A re-engineering of the system to allow youth inclusion, capacity development, job creation, world-class healthcare, etc.

Once you are 18 years of age, you are eligible to vote.

It is illegal to campaign or wear campaign promotional materials on the election day, however, you can encourage people in your community to go out with you to vote.

SPEC defines who Chukwuka Monye is and it stands for:

S – Social Innovator
P – People Builder
E – Excellence-Driven
C – Community-Oriented

Chukwuka Monye is a social innovator and philanthropist, who has dedicated the past 20 years to making lives better in Nigeria. Read his biography at https://chukwukamonye.com/meet-the-spec

I will harness our potentials, strengthen our institutions and provide the enabling environment for individuals and businesses to thrive.

Yes, it is important that you collect your PVC where it was registered for proper accreditation.

We have a strategic framework, a plan in place, and hopefully the support of the majority of Nigerians. We will win.  

Well, you can only vote where you are registered and designated to vote.

Rigging is only possible where there is voter apathy and the people show no interest in protecting their votes. Whilst we will insist that the law enforcement agents do their work, we will also depend on you to be vigilant and ensure your vote is counted.

Citizens are advised to always stay at the polling unit until the counting is done.

INEC officials with their support staff like the ad hoc staff, Corp members, Party members, and security agencies.

Register on www.chukwukamonye.com to join our army of volunteers. Every skill is required to achieve the Nigeria we desire.