Activate your Future
30m steps to the future.

Every step counts

Follow the steps of the Kano youth as they take the future into their hands, activating a project that they will own. They are demonstrating how organised they can be for themselves, and for their future.


Activate your Future

For over 60 years, Nigeria has been drifting from pillar to post with no clear vision or direction. Today, we excel more away from home than we do here in Nigeria. With dwindling pride in our heritage, our growing lack of patriotism can be linked to abuse of public trust, poor Leadership and corruption.

It is time to go for the new Nigeria we want. Organising and mobilising ourselves to be the change agents, one binding community initiative at a time.

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How to Activate your Future


The first step is to get involved – acknowledge and understand the need for a better Nigeria. Organise your friends in your community, and decide one fix for common problem that affects all of you.

Crowd Fund

Start raising funds, pool all your funds together for the common good which will stay with your community, and which will benefit the community. This is the beginning of taking ownership

Be the Change

Show the world what you have done. But it doesn’t stop here. Go to: to start the journey to getting your PVC. If you already have your PVC, you’re a step closer to exercising your rights to deliver the future you deserve today.

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A better Nigeria Today

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