Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions with answers. Whilst this list is not exhaustive, it will address some of the most critical questions that you have about the ADC and SPEC’s decision to join this party.

In making a decision, SPEC considered values such as integrity, consistency, nation-wide structure, inclusion and excellence. He sought a party that is genuinely invested in the wellbeing and development of the people and he found all of these in ADC. Also, he wanted a platform that would embrace innovation and youth inclusion in activities and decision-making, giving an opportunity for both women and youth as well as men from all walks of life to take charge of the nation’s affairs at all levels.

It was also important to him to join a party with a strong presence and appeal at the grassroots, one that is in touch with the realities of the people and is committed to restoring their individual and collective dignity.

Lastly, he wanted a platform that valued a different type of thinking and gave him a fair chance of contesting at the presidential elections based solely on skills and merit.

African Democratic Congress.

Registered with INEC in 2006, ADC is a political party that typifies integrity, inclusivity and a passion for a new and prosperous Nigeria.

The party is very particular about representation of the women, youth and people living with disabilities. It has signed a commitment to work towards having women as 35% of the party aspirants and youth as 35% of the party’s aspirants.

Vision: Consolidating Nigeria’s democracy beyond (flawed) elections and political theatrics to super power economic development, just and resilient institutions, systems and processes and an egalitarian society.

Mission: To get the Nigerian people working with purpose and commitment and ensure that we use our diversity to optimize outcomes.

Core Values:

– Handshake
– Patriotism
– Leadership
– Equity
– Inclusion
– Knowledge
– Transparency
– Accountability
– Diversity

The party has presence in 35 of the nation’s states, including the FCT and has presence in almost all of the Local Government Areas across the country.

The SPECTRUM is a group of individuals who believe in the vision of SPEC. Whilst it is possible to support him without being a member of his party, one of the best ways to support him is to join his political party, so that we ensure that he has enough support to win at the party’s primaries and then the general elections in 2023.

To join the African Democratic Congress, visit:

Online registration:

  • Youth between 18 – 35: N200
  • People With Disability: N200
  • Above 35: N500

Manual registration of membership:

  • Everyone: N500

Monthly membership fee: N1,000
(this can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly)

  • Attend meetings and participate in
    party activities
  • Pay your dues promptly
  • Recruit others to join the party

Visit to get the details of your state chapter. They will provide all of the information you require.

ADC has a very strong diaspora network and welcomes members from everywhere around the globe.

To join the ADC network outside Nigeria, please visit Students also get a special discount on their membership fee.

Get active in your ward and recruit more people into the party. Ensure that SPEC wins the party’s primaries, so that he contests at the general elections in 2023.

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